Sunday, 25 March 2007

Press coverage?

I've been trying to sell my flat recently and I was apparently a lucky winner in a competition (I thought that only happened to people on TV & Radio). I won a commission free sale of my flat through my estate agent.

The promotion featured in the local Wanstead & Woodford Guardian. When the estate agent asked me to place a comment for the promotion, I thought I could use this opportunity to promote our donation website.

I asked them to publish our site URL on the promotion page in the Guardian (it was worth a try). However, it appears that the point was missed. As you can see from the statement in the photograph, it implies I'll be using the funds saved "towards" my rally car which isn't quite the case since we already have our rusty rhino!

A fine example of an attempt to promote our cause, but failing miserably!

Still, I'm very pleased and grateful to the agent that I don't have to pay any fees ;)

See pic below (click to make larger) and the bit under the title of "Woodford Green Office Winner"



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