Saturday, 31 March 2007

Off roading and posing...

Today we finally got to take some cheesy photos, posing with our Rusty Rhino (The SJ410). See image below. Hopefully this will personalise our fund raising and promotion to encourse more donations to our selected charities.

Apart from our amateur photo shoot, we got to do a little bit of off roading, it was good to see what the Rhino was capable of doing. It seems to wobble and bounce around on road, but take it off road, and its a totally different beast. It seemed to plough through most things and that is without a great set of tyres on there.

Some more work needs to be done on the car and we have some modifications to make, but everything seems on track! MOT due up in a week or so, so once that hurdle is passed we can focus on the off road mods.




Fel J. Cruz said...

Great photo guys! You imight want to post some video using YouTube to get more buzz for your vehicle and the charities. I plan on doing the Mongol Rally in '08 and have already bought a beauty of a beater Geo Metro. Even though she's a wreck, she still gets 53 miles per gallon and runs like a champ. I'll check on your progress over the next few months. Check out my blog at and Best of luck guys on your amazing adventure. Fel Cruz, Alameda, California

Rusty Rhinos said...

Thanks for your tip Fel, once we get something up on YouTube, we'll link to it from here.
Like your blog and the maps you've got on there.
Good luck with all your 2008 Mongol Rally preparations.