Monday, 26 March 2007

Is Charity Ever Not Charity?

Is doing something for a good cause not as important when you are doing something for yourself at the same time?

Being honest, one of the main reasons I participated in the Mongol Rally is for the experience. The ability to see new places, meet new people and mix with different cultures in a way that is not normally possible.

Does my enjoyment or my ability to experience these new places and people devalue the charity work being carried out?

A few people have made some comments to me about this, but I don't really understand why. I agree that it is not as selfless when you are doing something for yourself as well as benefiting a charity, but surely that doesn't devalue what you are doing? To the recipient, whether you are enjoying yourself or not, the charity work in whatever form it takes, is something that is much needed.

I would say that any charity work should be enjoyable, even if you are not experiencing something new or doing something you enjoy, there would still be enjoyment and satisfaction from knowing you are making a difference and helping.

It is a no lose situation.

I'll quite happily admit that I'm not doing the Mongol Rally just for charity; of course I'm doing it for the experience. I'm also very happy that I can choose and help a number of charities through this experience. It would be naive of anyone to think otherwise...

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Tabby said...

Raising money for a good cause in an enjoyable way absolutely doesn't devalue it! Does the money you raise make less of a difference to the lives of the people you are trying to help because you got something out of the experience yourself?

Don't underestimate the good that can be achieved from the experience itself as well as by the money you raise from it. Aside from the fact that you will no doubt have a fantastic time doing this, you will learn things from the people you meet and the places you visit on the way. You will come back and be able to educate others on the different cultures you have experienced, and you will be able to share your own culture with those you meet.

Anyone can donate money to a good cause. It takes a couple of minutes. But giving the time, energy and passion, as well as the money it takes to do something like this is very special and will ultimately help more people in many more ways.

Enjoy the journey!

“Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey.” - Anon