Sunday, 8 July 2007

Mongol Rally BBQ Meet

Following the cancellation of the Wales weekend due to bad weather, we decided we would go for the BBQ meet on Saturday 7th July.

The turnout wasn't huge, but there were 10 teams including us. There was another SJ and a few other interesting cars. It was good to find out more about every one's experiences and plans so far.

The guys from the Nissan2do team were extremely helpful, they were testing the ralliers' cars batteries and alternators. We discovered our battery is at 82% capacity which is not bad, however we do have a fault with the alternator. We are trying to decide what to do with it, as it is not recharging the battery correctly. Having said that, we have not had any problems yet, even when driving at night with the lights on.

We are currently carrying a spare alternator and are looking for a spare battery.

Apart from the BBQ meet, we've packed and finish the majority of equipment and supplies that we will need. These include (lots of) car spares, tools, medical supplies, water containers, portable solar shower, cooking and camping equipment and of course large amounts of water and food.

On the food front, we've tried to stick to dried and packaged foods as tinned food does weigh quite a bit. We have a good variety of food now, we even have some junk food to cheer us up when we need it! :)

Finally, we've decided to use the Euro tunnel to make our way to France, tickets all booked and we're ready to set off.

Less than two weeks to go!


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