Sunday, 10 June 2007

Rusty Rhino gets stickers and other goodies

Got some stickers made up and put on Rusty Rhino sides to raise a bit more awareness of the event (oh and because I like the look of them). Also added a spare wheel to the bonnet so we are now carrying 2 spare wheels. Mounted it by sawing some very long bolts and securing it to the bonnet. Seems pretty solid!

Whilst Zoe was putting some tape on the indicator, I fitted a toolbox in the engine bay. Securely bolted in. Great use of space. Now I just need a new toolbox for work. Hmm, I guess sacrifices need to me made!

Now for the grand finale. It has been said to both Adam and I on more than one occasion that the Suzuki SJ is not a comfortable vehicle to drive several thousand miles in. So I thought a little bit of luxury should be added. With much discussion and a budget of zero, Zoe decided that the passenger needs a vanity mirror. Glass taken from a 1978 Range Rover wing mirror and cable tied to the sun visor. Very classy indeed.

My International Driving Permit has now arrived which is useful.


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