Sunday, 24 June 2007

Rusty Gets a Snorkel

Been busy today fitting a snorkel. Or rather, I handed tools to Moss whilst he did most of the bending and cutting!

We needed to do something about the air feed. The first matter is that as the air feed at the moment is quite low down and therefore can easily suck in dust (and I would imagine we are going to come across quite a lot of it!) and if we submerge in water, it will go straight into the airbox - not good. So we needed to raise the point of the intake. The other fact is that the current air feed is located tightly next to the battery - which is very restrictive of airflow.

After rummaging around looking at various different pipes, we found an ill-fitting aluminium bull bar that was previously donated. This would make up the main piping for the snorkel.

Luckily the bend was pretty much the right shape. Mounted this onto the pillar with basic clamps and self tapping screws. Hole drilled into wing ready for the intake pipe.

All pipework connected to the airbox. Also plugged up the other side of the airbox which would usually go to the manifold - the pipe goes quite low in the bay and will pick up unwanted dust which would take away the point of having a snorkel(which would usually heat the intake incold weather but we have been advised that this doesnt tend to be an issue when a snorkel is fitted). Hopefully the lid to the air-freshener will not be missed.

All fitted and ready to go. Sucks well, sounds good and the engine seems to be breathing better which has improved performance. Total cost: a few pounds :) And yes, that is a plant pot for the top hat - mounted with an aluminium bracket :)

(Zoe messing with some screws which are vaguely holding the plastic arch in).


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Lewis said...

Plant pot. What a legend. :D