Sunday, 20 May 2007

Visa progress and route update

We got the Mongolian and Khazakhstan visas, the Russian visa was the last visa we would need to secure a route to Mongolia.

It was always going to be a difficult one to get. But with the help of an agency, it took 2 weeks and more than twice the cost of any previous visa to get the Russian double entry visa. We needed the double entry visas just to get to Mongolia using our proposed route.

We now need to do some more work on our return trip plans from Mongolia. If we decide to come back through Russia, we'll have to sort out an additional Russian single entry visa in Mongolia (as there are no multiple entry visas for Russia currently). The alternative is to trek back through China, which we can get a visa for beforehand.

Our route has been changed since the one posted originally, mainly due to visa requirements of the other countries on the original route and the (lack of) time we have to get them all. See the two maps below for an update on our planned route. You'll probably need to click on the images to enlarge.




Rusty Rhinos said...

Good news about the Visas!

Planning the route was quite interesting in itself. Will need to practice map folding skills as in the Rusty Rhino it is going to be quite cumbersome! The straight lines on the maps is a sign of optimism from Adam I think!


Rusty Rhinos said...

I'm always optimistic me! :-) Some of the maps we have are pretty huge, it is going to take some skill to manage those in the cosy Rusty Rhino!