Sunday, 6 May 2007

Rusty Rhino has some work done...

As part of our grand Rusty Rhino modification plans, we've recently carried out some changes to the Rhino.

We've installed a set of 4 new(ish) tyres, they have raised the Rhino a bit, giving it a a more fit for purpose look! And after much fiddling around with cables and drilling holes in the wrong place, we managed to install a backup set of halogen headlights. They were a bargain at 8 pounds something off of eBay!

In other news for our rally, we've now sent off our applications for the double entry Russian visas. This has had the affect of nearly bankrupting us meanwhile our Mongol Rally 2007 spend keeps spiralling out of control and has just surpassed the £2000 mark! Ouch!

We've also received our Mercy Corps fund raising t-shirts and car stickers. To read about the latest at Mercy Corps - and to see a link to our article on their front page! ;) - go to



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Rusty Rhinos said...

The lights are still fixed firmly in place so that must be a good sign! The next plan for modifications is to give it home made snorkel and roof rack. Oh, and have ordered some funky bits to make it sit a bit higher which might give us a better chance in the rough stuff. A bit of blagged discount was a good thing.