Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Mongol Rally 2007 progress

We re-launched the blog yesterday, well, a new banner was made for the site which we are very proud of and we've also updated the colour scheme.

Many thanks go to Fr^KaZoiD for the new really cool new banner, who is now also our Mongol Rally graphics design artist :)

In car news, we've plugged a hole in one of the windows which was causing water to go inside the car when it rained. We've also had a few issues with the car since the shackles were installed, but that is all in hand.

We're now pushing our fund raising campaign toward Hopes and Homes for Children. We've just passed the £600 mark for Mercy Corps and we want continue to raise more for Mercy Corps, but our focus is Hopes and Homes for Children as it is lagging behind the Mercy Corps fund. Please donate whatever you can to either of these two causes by clicking the Donate Now button on the top right of this web site.

We had to miss the Mongol Rally meeting on the 26th of May due to prior commitments, but we will definitely be attending the meet planned in June in Wales.



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