Monday, 12 March 2007

First blog entry

Well I've finally got round to setting up a blog. We should probably have done this earlier! Just a quick post to outline what is happening with Team Rusty Rhinos.

Team Rusty Rhinos is made of Alex and myself (Adam) and we will be competing with a 1985 Suzuki SJ 410, which we bought for £300 in February 2007.

And most importantly, I can confirm that we have been successful in entering the Mongol Rally 2007.

There are only 200 places in the Mongol Rally 2007, the first 50 were almost released on Wednesday 7th March, but the Mongol Rally servers went into meltdown, so they released 100 places on the 9th of March.

From about 6:50pm on the 7th of March, both Alex and I were frantically hitting F5, F5, F5 waiting for the places to be released. We probably contributed to the first meltdown on the 7th (Sorry, I'm sure we weren't the only ones!). At 7pm, places were indeed released and my browser claimed there were only 54 places left out of the 100, 46 places went in a split second! Anyway we secured a place, and apparently the 100 places were swallowed in under a minute!



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